• 100,000 meals that improve health

    Our pilot program has delivered more than 100,000 nutritious meals to residents in low-income housing, improving food security and promoting health one bite at a time

  • Using technology to impact at scale

    Our technology can enable healthcare organizations to scale efforts that align with their mission

  • Without them, I wouldn't have groceries in my cabinet or food in my refrigerator - Brandi

    Participants have been able to successfully access and navigate the apps to decide what to order and when it should be safely delivered to their doorstep


    Grocery VIP, our tech-empowered program, reduces food insecurity as a means to address escalating healthcare costs

    Participants order fresh, healthy, ready-to-cook meal kits or groceries for doorstep delivery and access educational cooking and nutrition resources – all from within the app.

    How it works​

    • Pre-selected assortment of healthy foods 
    • Choice of groceries or meal kits 
    • Users spend donated or earned currency to use in the app 
    • Delivery and in-store pick up options 
    • Access to educational nutrition and culinary information 

    Providing reliable access to quality, healthy food leads to better nutrition, and ultimately to better health.

    Improved health means lower healthcare costs: According to Feeding America, an estimated $52.9 billion in health care expenses were associated with food insecurity in the U.S.

    In one location, 35% of our pilot program participants had their food security status improve, 60% reported consuming more fruit or vegetables and 40% stated they cooked at home more often while participating in the program. 

    Initial data from our pilot with residents of a low-income housing development is very encouraging.

    In one location, 35% of our pilot program participants had their food security status improve and 30% reported a decline in unhealthy days meaning health-related quality of life improved while participating in the program. 

    Research has shown a reduction in healthcare costs as health-related quality of life improves and GroceryVIP has the potential to drive this savings.

    The social and financial implications of our pilot work suggest the potential for systematic social improvement that is scalable and  financially sustainable.