We bring our expertise in technology, healthcare, and social entrepreneurism to our projects. We collaborate with a diverse range of partners, from healthcare providers to housing management companies to sophisticated food supply chain organizations. We engage those we serve in the development of our platforms.

Johan circle

Johan Larsen

Co-founder and CEO

Johan Larsen is a social entrepreneur, focused on the intersections of government, healthcare, technology, and social services.

Prior to co-founding Synergy, he developed and managed a public-private partnership that deployed synthetic DNA technology that resulted in a 70% reduction in property crime in select areas of Knoxville.

He has lived and worked around the world, including in Denmark, Switzerland, Andorra, and Silicon Valley. 

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Debbie Petitpain

Co-founder and COO

Debbie Petitpain has a long history of working at the intersection between food systems, healthcare, sustainability and community well-being.

She has more than 18 years of experience working for a $25B global food service company and the Medical University of South Carolina implementing and driving the development of scalable strategies that improve social determinants of health. Through local and national partnerships, she started novel food security programs in hospitals across the country and created an award-winning culinary nutrition course for medical students.

She graduated with a degree in biochemistry from the College of Charleston, received her Masters in Nutrition from Boston University, and completed her dietetic training in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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