Accessible. Affordable. Nutritious. Delicious.

The results of our pilot work suggest the potential for scalable social impact that is financially sustainable.

17 %
of Households Engaged

This represented 44 % of the residents of a low-income housing development who downloaded the app to place grocery orders, watch educational videos and participate in our pilot program.

18 %
Reduction in Food Security

Rates of food insecurity among residents participating in our tech-enabled feeding programs fell by 35%. 

In addition, 60% reported consuming more fruit or vegetables and 40% reported cooking at home more often during the program.

20 %
Improved Quality of Life

At the conclusion of our pilot project, 30% reported a decline in unhealthy days meaning health-related quality of life improved.

Improved quality of life is associated with a reduction in healthcare costs. 

Improving health

Providing reliable access to quality, healthy food leads to better nutrition, and ultimately to better health. Improved health means lower healthcare costs.

According to Feeding America, an estimated $52.9 billion in health care expenses were associated with food insecurity in the United States. Unfortunately, these numbers are expected to rise.

Lady in black shirt

“It’s definitely healthier than I’m used to eating. It’s good, too, though.”

Pink Lady

“My favorite thing is that it gives me the opportunity to try different foods.”

“They’ve kind of saved me from having to risk my own health to go get food… It means a lot.”

"It was easy to use. The cooking videos were helpful, especially when I was trying something new."

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