The Field & Yield app was designed to connect suppliers with a new customer base of buyers in a way that financially benefits both parties.

Our approach rescues unclaimed groceries, reducing the amount of food that is lost or wasted and lowers operating costs for organizations addressing hunger and food insecurity, allowing them to have a broader reach and deeper impact.  

How the app works

  • Sellers and/or Producers post products that, for one reason or another, will not be sold through traditional supply lines 
  • Buyers log onto the app to purchase the products posted at a reduced cost
  • Transactions, pick up times, and deliveries are processed within the app 

Buyers get good products at great prices​

Buyers have access to healthy food at lower costs, which ultimately benefits their customers and allows them to serve more people.

Early data indicates Field & Yield buyers can access quality products at 70% the typical price, a critical savings for organizations like nonprofit food pantries facing unprecedented demand for their services.

Suppliers rescue revenue and reduce waste

By connecting with a new customer base via the app, suppliers can sell food that would otherwise go to waste, leading to “rescued revenue” and less food waste. 

Our pilot worked showed a significant savings on food items that are usually thrown out or lost.

Field & Yield capitalizes on misalignments in the food supply chain to source healthy food items at a fraction of the usual retail price. Suppliers gain rescued revenue and lower food waste. Buyers can access nutritious food at a more affordable price, extending their food budget and consequently their impact.

Curious about how our tech-enabled programs are addressing food insecurity?