Tech-enabled solutions allow us to reach and engage underrepresented, vulnerable populations and scale efforts to a critical mass, reaching a tipping point where the solutions become self-sustaining

Synergy’s mobile apps connect individuals with nutritious, healthful, quality foods

Truck2Table and Grocery VIP offers participants variety, convenience, and resources to enrich nutritional knowledge to help instill long-lasting health habits and behaviors.

Synergy’s new approach to sourcing healthy food benefits buyers, sellers and consumers

Field & Yield capitalizes on misalignments in the food supply chain to source healthy food items at a fraction of the usual retail price. Suppliers gain rescued revenue and lower food waste. Buyers can access nutritious food at a more affordable price, extending their food budget and consequently their impact. 

Technology means more data, precise analysis, and scalability. Technology allows us to engage vulnerable populations to improve quality of life, increase patient outcomes, and reduce costs.

The Food Insecure

50 % more likely to visit the ER and 50 % more likely to be admitted to the hospital

3x more likely to skip needed medication due to costs

Cost an average of $1834 more on healthcare each year